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We create esoteric and spiritual Jewelry, using ancient symbols of universal truth, carefully handcrafted in our studio. Simply put, fine and powerful symbolic jewelry with a lifetime guarantee.

Creators of the Green Man Pendant from Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland,
the AUM pendant inspired by yoga practice,
the Five Elements Pendant of Taoist Philosophy,
the Seed of Life Pendant from the Sacred geometry diagram the Flower of Life,
the Moon and 3 stars necklace,
the Sun pendant,
the Phoenix Pendant from the Egyptian Bennu Heiroglyph,
The Christian Ichthus Pendant.
The Guide Pendant with the seven angels that sit at the Hand of God.

Handmade jewelry, using spiritual and esoteric symbols. The Truth of Tradition, from Alythea Arts. The Seed of Life, Thor's Hammer, The Phoenix, The Bennu, Chartres Cathedral, Rosslyn Chapel. Lifetime guarantee!