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The figure on the front of the Guide pendant represents the force of benevolent spirits interacting in our human realm. Visualized as a priest or monk in the halls of a cathedral nave, or as an angel with wings, hands clasped in honor of the Divine source, this figure gives form to a facelesss fleeting presence.

The reverse center of the Guide displays certain heiroglyphs recognizing the seven angels that sit at the right hand of God, according to the Gospel of Enoch:



1. Uriel - "The Fire of God", brought Alchemy and the Cabala to Earth, is a regent of the Sun, and is the Angel who warned Noah of the flood. The Flame in the hand represents the lights of knowledge as passed to Humanity. (top)

2. Michael -"The Prince of Light and Chief of Virtues" Appears to Moses in the burning bush, and is represented by the burning bush with an "M" shaped flame. (left top)

3. Raphael - "God Has Healed" Brought a magic pentalpha ring to King Solomon during the construction of the great temple, which provided the power to subdue all demons. Shown by the pentalpha, or 5 pointed flowing star. (upper right)

4. Raguhel - "Angel of Earth", Raguhel judges souls entering heaven, and transported Enoch to heaven, bypassing death. Signified by the horizontal as earth, upon the triangular balance. (center)

5. Zerachiel - The presiding "Angel of the Sun", a watcher of events, ruler of the constellation Leo, represented by the Sun and rays. (lower left)

6. Gabriel - "God is my strength" The spirit of truth, resurrection, mercy, vengeance, revelation, Gabriel dictated the Koran to Mohammed, and is shown by the Crossed Horn and Sword. (lower right)

7. Remiel - The Angel set over those who rise from the dead, and pass from one realm to the other. Depicted by the Scythe and infinity. (bottom)


This piece is a tribute to the receptive guiding nature of our subconscious and the energy that flows through us from the beyond.

Comforting to hold, and heavier than our other pendants, at about half an ounce, or 14 grams. It is 1/8" thick and 1 3/4" long, and has a large oval shaped matching jump ring. The Guide is also accompanied by 20" diamond cut chain, an informative presentation pamphlet, and a genuine velvet gift box.

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