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The Green Man of Rosslyn Chapel

In a 15th century church near Edinburgh, Scotland, this exact Green Man is carved in the stone work of the interior.
Covered in leaves, acting as a guardian of our natural enviroment, the wild Green Man exists as a symbol of nature and the chaotic forces of the forest. His visage is visible in stone throughout Europe's great cathedrals, and through many of our ancient cultures and legends. Not
only as the frightening face of the Green Man, but also in spirit as "Jack in the Green", and "Robin Hood".
This is the actual necklace created for Rosslyn Chapel Gift Shop in Scotland. Each piece is accompanied by an 18" "Wheat Rope" chain, a genuine velvet gift box and a small descriptive pamphlet.

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The Green Man, 14K Gold $1,570.00
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Crafted In Scotland