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Seed of Life, 14K Yellow Gold

Product stock and turnaround times

We work to a weekly casting cycle. The rest of the days we are polishing, finishing and shipping jewelry by working in the studio. Our gold pieces are made to order and require 1-2 weeks. Most of our silver pendants are available for immediate delivery, and are continually added as stock. We are a small studio making jewelry as fast as we are able so some flexibility in delivery and scheduling occurs.


Casting Alloys

Each piece can be ordered in Sterling Silver, 14K, 18K Yellow or White gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum. If an item is not shown on the website in the metal or color you would like, please email for quotes. We probably haven't made that variation yet or remembered to take a photo before shipping.

In regards to our white gold pieces, both in 14 and 18k, we do not plate our white gold with Rhodium. Even though plating for a chrome like finish is a standard practice in much of the jewelry industry, we feel the natural appearance of the gold is preferable. In addition, plating wears away within a couple of years, leaving off-color streaks and spots. Our pieces are natural, standard nickel white gold, which has a very white, slightly creamy color that becomes a softer creamy-golden tone in the 18K alloy. Unfortunately, I am unable to offer non-nickel palladium white at this time, I am very sorry about that.

Runic Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver and Skin Chemistry

This jewelry is made from the highest quality silver available in the industry. In fact, we use a premium alloy that includes Germanium to resist tarnish and add strength. However, over these years of business it has become evident that about 7% of the public create an adverse reaction with Sterling Silver. It seems like certain skin chemistry is more acidic, causing sterling silver to tarnish or turn the finger green. This could be due to diet, genetic makeup, or contact with harsh detergents and chemicals. Most people experience no tarnish at all, others have varying amounts all the way up to actually corroding the metal into small pits. To help, some people have put a little clear nail polish on the inside of a ring, or there is a cream that is supposed coat the piece, but requires daily repeated applications. Plating the silver may work temporarily but quickly wears off. There is honestly no true solution other than choosing to wear Gold or Platinum instead of silver. Please, be aware if you can wear silver before ordering silver jewelry. Since we have had to take losses from this issue several times, making jewelry and havig it come back through no fault of our own, it eventually came to the point where we stopped accepting returns for this issue. However, to work out a solution to the problem, for those who were not aware of this when ordering a silver ring, we have developed an upgrade policy, where we will credit the customer half the cost of their silver piece towards a white or yellow gold version of the same.

Many Chain Lengths and Styles Now Available

A variety of chain lengths and styles can be selected on each of the product pages, when available for order with that pendant. I also offer our chains for order separately in the "Special Items" category Chains are a tough subject - to find a good chain regardless of price is very difficult. Our chains are some of the finest in the industry, made in Germany or Italy, solid gold or silver. They are not cheap.  One safety feature -  Each has a small unsoldered link at the clasp that will break away in an emergency.   This link may be soldered optionally upon request.


Hand engraving is available on items that offer it as an option on the website. If it is not offered, that means there is no space, unfortunately, as the design does not allow it. The engraving style is hand lettered using a small rotary tool, and can be seen in the photo below.  Lettering is flexible and can be spaced large or small, so there are many options for engraving. If you have something special in mind, even a small symbol, please ask if we can accomodate it, usually we can!

     Engraving Sample  

(Hand lettered engraving, using a rotary tool, also done on the inside left and right shanks of rings.)

Custom Work

First of all, thank you for thinking of me for your custom jewelry, it is a compliment and an honor. However, we are a jewelry studio that issues a particular design as a final creation in a growing portfolio of unique artwork. This is in order to allow us personal time to design and create while still offering each previous popular design. Therefore we are not able to offer custom projects, other than what are shown or offered on our website. If you are looking for a ring in an individual fashion of your own, we recommend contacting a local, reputable crafting jeweler, who will be better equipped and skilled for the task at hand. On our part, we will continue to offer new pieces of inventive design. If you would like to stay apprised of the latest offerings, please be sure to subscribe to our occasional newsletter in your website customer account settings.


Delivery Times


We usually stock all silver pendants. Orders in stock usually take 1-3 days to ship, UPS usually takes 4-5 days to arrive. UPS Second day shipping can be had by selecting the express shipping option.

"Made to order" items such as most all rings, and all gold and platinum pieces, are paid in advance and usually take 1-2 weeks, sometimes slightly longer. If you would prefer not to pay in advance, a 50% deposit can be arranged, and lay away or installment payment options are also welcome as described below.

Lay-Away Plans

Lay-Away plans are available, however we ask that payment be made in two or three payments, 50% down or 33% down and then equally paid within a month or two. This is due mostly to the volatility in precious metals prices.

Commitment to the Environment

We believe in careful management of our natural resources, and protecting the glorius work of the GAOTU. In that spirit, we have worked hard to eliminate the damage of casting precious metal alloys and polishing jewelry. Making jewelry consumes a fair bit of electricity, chemicals and materials. We have switched to using phosphate-free, environmentally safe detergents in our ultrasonic cleaners, air filters on our polishers, kiln and metal melting furnace, biodegradable packaging and UPS carbon neutral shipping. We also use certified environmentally viable precious metals, low chemical gypsum investment and non-toxic polishes and acids. More than half the electricity we use comes from renewable sources such as hydro electric, solar, wind, and nuclear that creates no greenhouse gases. We will continue to search for new ways to reduce our environmental footprint as the technologies progress.




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Our hours are roughly 9-5 California Pacific Standard Time, but please leave a message if we do not answer. With our number on the internet, we get a lot of spam calls, plus, we are often "in and out" camping or working on other projects.

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